Useful Info
Useful Info
Searching for items

Use the Search box to define the specific details of your search. You can use several words in the same search. The search engine is not case sensitive so it does not matter if you use uppercase or lowercase, or both.

Ordering Items

As you choose the items you want to order, place each item into your Basket. You can do this at Search Results (click on the basket icon) or from the item Information screen.

Your Basket shows all the items you have selected. You can remove an item from your Basket at any time.

When you want to proceed with the order, click Proceed. If asked, please confirm the details of the project for which you are using the items please and follow the prompts.

Please review all your order details and take note of the order number for future reference.

If orders require assessment by an administrator you will receive an email informing you of the outcome. Some items are approved automatically.

If payment is required, you will be taken to a secure e-commerce payment facility, where you can pay by credit card.

Once an order is approved and you have paid or there is no charge, please go to your Requests page.

Click on the order number and follow the prompts to download your order. Items will be available for download for 28 days.

The Requests page also records any orders that you have made but are yet to be approved or paid if applicable.


A lightbox allows you to manage your items before you decide to order.

You can organise your selections into a group (lightbox).

The lightbox can be emailed to other people for information, discussion or review. The recipients will not need a username and password to open the lightbox. When you are satisfied with your selection you can order the materials in your Basket.

Technical Help


Cookies are small amounts of information stored on your computer by Internet sites you visit.

You must choose to accept the cookie when prompted, in order to log in to this site.

Please log in to the site again after changing the cookie setting.

How to setup cookies for MS Internet Explorer™
  1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
  2. Choose "Override automatic cookie handling"
  3. Choose "Prompt" for First-party Cookies
  4. Choose "Prompt" for Third-party Cookies
This setting will allow you either to accept or reject the cookies.

How to Download a digital Image file

You will require special software to view the downloaded files.

The materials available to download have been converted to a digital file. In order to minimise the time it would take to download a large digital file, the images have been compressed to a JPEG format.

If you are having problems downloading please check with your administrator to see if there are download restrictions in place with your network or ISP before contacting Technical Help

Using Zip, a public domain software product that uses non-lossy compression, the images are compressed so that they can be downloaded directly to your desktop in less time.

You will require software to unzip (expand) the images you have downloaded from the site. Using WinZip™ or StuffIt Expander™ you can expand the file back to its original file size. If you don't have WinZip or StuffIt Expander™ you can download the software from the Internet for free.

Click here to download WinZip™ for Windows™.
Click here to download StuffIt Expander™

How to expand a compressed file using WinZip:
  1. Click the 'Download image' button
  2. When the dialog box appears select "SAVE". DO NOT select "open".
  3. Locate the file on your hard drive and double click it.
  4. A WinZip window will appear. Click 'I agree'
  5. Highlight (one click only) the image file and select 'Extract' from the top menu bar
  6. Select the location to store the image and click the 'Extract' button
  7. The expanded file will be saved to the specified location
How to expand a compressed file using StuffIt Expander™:
  1. Click the 'Download image' button
  2. Save the file to your hard drive
  3. Launch StuffIt Expander™
  4. Select 'Expand' from the menu bar
  5. Select the .zip file and click 'Open'
  6. The .zip file will convert to an expanded file that you can double click to open or simply drag and drop the .zip file onto the StuffIt Expander™ icon to expand it.
If you have difficulty downloading files, your Internet connection may be busy. Please try again within [48] hours from your requests page.

Latest Browsers

Some areas of this site may not display correctly on older versions of your browser. You can get the latest version of popular browsers here:

Click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

Click here to download Firefox 2

For all technical enquiries please email:


If your printer clips the side of the page when printing from this site (eg lightboxes) try one of the following:

* in Page Set Up, set margins to zero or the smallest size allowed
* in Page Set Up, choose landscape instead of portrait
* in Page Set Up, choose "shrink to fit" if that option is available. or, if the above techniques do not help,
* copy the web page (Control-A then Control-C) and paste it (Control-V) into Outlook or Outlook Express, Save the email and Print the email.

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